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Well, the last two years wher strange to Covid-19, a pandemic that put the world to a still stand
This had influence on lots of people who love running and taking part in races.
In the 2020 all races had been cancelled, which hurt the organizers and also the runners.
2021 became a bit better as many of the big organizers went virtual.
Which was cool as that way I could Runn the BAA 5 km, 10k and the Boston Marathon virtual and received the medal too.
Parkrun also went virtual, same Comrades Marathon too
This was fun but it also was harder as you mainly raced against your self on a track or route you choose.
On the other hand this motivated me and many others to continue the serious training. It got harder for me as getting older, made loosing weight harder too. This year I am fighting that again, but with a bit more success as I am more serious about loosing weight.
Berlin Marathon 2021 was in Sept. 2021 the first big race again, with fewer runners. Which was great and I did take part.
It was tough and hard but hey I did it!
I had  lots of fun even with the pain. In October 2021 it was than Boston Marathon 2021 virtual and my wife supported
me here with potatoes and beer ;-)
To finally finish the crazy the season, I took part in the Curacao Marathon 2021.
Start was at 3:30 and only 84 took part in the full distance. I finished only the half distance as I sprained my small toe the
night before :-( Never the less it was worth the try.
I hoped this would be my 50th finished Marathon, but that is life.
We had a great 14 days in Curacao and Bornaire

So what wil 2022 bring? Hopefully more fun again and lots of races !!!!!!
Tod dan...

SO, lets keep RUNNING!!!


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 G`day to all out there,

this is a new idea I had all year since I started running in 2007 again.
I wanted a team, club, group, what ever you want to call it that is still linked to Star Trek, that I still like very much even after all these years.

For all race applications I use the term: "Klingon Embassy Runners"

Out of that idea this is taking shape.
So Welcome To The Klingon Embassy Runners Official Website ! ! !




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