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It is time to give some information in this, as people keep asking why I use Star Trek and some of the names as a running team. In the past I used the Klingon Embassy to collect money for charities I support.
One of the most precious to me is the Nelson Mandela Foundation:
Cause I heighly respect Nelson Mandela and what he did for South Africa after the change.
I believe that if it was not for him South Africa would have had a civil  war at the time, but with the high respect everyone has for him, it went more or less peaceful.
Friends now I spent some of my childhood in South Africa during the Apartheid and know I still love the land, though I am not to happy how things came out till now. Still I grew up different than quite some other white people and have lots of faith still.

Another cause is Cancer Research, as I have now lost both my parents to cancer. Cancer is painful for the person who has it and the family, For no one it is easy it never will. It is not just a simple disease that can be cured easily yet.

So why Star Trek?
Well I have been a Trekker for a long time. I enjoyed the series, went to, convention, worked at conventions and more.
Because it is so out of the ordinary it opens lots of discussion and collect money. Why always go the "normal" way, take risks and dop something different to achieve what you want.

This year I have managed to collect till now roughly 3000$.
I do not make a big fuss about, but in the comings I want to collect more and help add some small help where ever I can.

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