The Berlin Half Marathon 2008 was my first big run after 16 years of no running. After training for a 3/4 of year already,
it was time to test the results and see how much I would still need to do to be ready for the Berlin Marathon 2008.
Guess what I thought I did pretty well with : 01:47:24

A few weeks later, I had another half Marathon, this time Winterthur. This run was actually pretty tough for me as at around 15 km on the way you have a mean uphill of a bout 2 km which was really painful and I only finished with:  1:52.25,4
The main thing is this was just another step to my master plan to get ready for the Berlin Marathon 2008.

This time I was looking forward to the run as it was a test run for me in preparation for the Zurich Marathon 2009, which I would run. Well the result proofed to be good: 
I was hppy with result as I was a few min faster than the year before

Berlin Half Marathon: The weather this year was really poor. It started of with small amounts of rain, became cold , the sun came out it was warm and once the sun was gone again it became grey and cold. Never the less, I am very happy again with the run, as I finished in
01:42:10, nearly 3min faster than last year. All this after 2month of training and 4 month no training due to a operation

2013 started of with somewhat of a BANG... Last Year I had put on to much weight which killed somewhat all my race times. I started training early in in January 2013 and in February with the help of a Personal Trainer, eating more wisely and good training I lost 12 kg in 7 weeks and went into an awesome race in Freiburg at the Half-Marathon race.
Freiburg Half Marathon 2013: This was the first I ran in this city, though I had some training her already as we have friends  here. I went in to see how I am standing at from the first km I had a speed of 4:45 per km average, which was something I did not expect to see. The race is not flat, but never the less, I finished 4 minutes faster than in Berlin last year with a finishg time of: 1:40:32! I felt great and the hard training and the PT paid of, so that I will continue to go on with the PT, to ensure that I will run the BErlin Marathon 2013 in September in the best time ever.. High Hopes !


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