Berlin Marathon 2008
This was my Marathon after 15 years. It was my 9th Berlin Marathon and my 8th finish
I was very happy, that I survived it and look forward to the next one. Yes, I am looking forward to the next one, as i want to run it below 4 hours. Time never the less also very  good for 1 year of training and 16 years no running: 04:07:49
So here are some nice photo of me :-)

Zurich Marathon 2009
As I had 2 Marathons planned for this year, I wanted to run London but did not get a place. Therefore I decided to go for Zurich. Not just because I live here, but the main reason was running 9 km in a tunnel in the autobahn, that was being opened that weekend.
That was the main reason and cause of that the course did not go thru the city as usual, but was a nice course till Meilen and back than. Well I finished in a pretty good time for me: 03:53:36
The price was high, as was to fast in the beginning and got bad blister too. Never the less cause of the made up time from the beginning I could get closer to my aim of staying below 4 h. All I wanted was a 3 has the first number. I would have been happy with 3:59:59 too, but I was better.

London Marathon 2010

Well what can I say. The run was not perfect at all. The first half was great, but unfortunately I started getting stomach
issues and always felt like throwing up. I am not 100% sure what caused it, but I managed to Finnish the run 4:09:35.
Not what I was aiming at but ok, that is how it works. What did I think about London. The spectattors where great, a lot of the runners where more selfish than then others I had at other races. Far more did not care about if they ran in front of someone and caused a havoc.  The weather was rain, cold and warm once the sun was out. Running at St. James Park the last few km, was amazing and so motivating. I made a very good last sprint and felt good but also disappointed. One thing is for sure, I will run London only again when I win a ballot ticket or can run for a charity, otherwise it is not worth the money to use a travel agent. London is not that special. I find Berlin and Zurich better organised. Especially in the way overseas participants are treated and a shower would always be great at the end.
I will write more once I  got the run sorted in my head :-)

Berlin Marathon 2010

The Berlin Marathon 2010 was my 10th Berlin Marathon in my life and my 9th finish. Next year I am for my 10th finish to join the Jubilee Club.
Back to this year, I am happy with my result of 3:50:35, am I satisfied, NO! Am I sad about no. I was on track to finish it in 3:45, but as races go, I started to get some cramps that made me slow down. I was close, still I was 6 mn faster than last year and what more do I want. I will go for it on my tenth finish! The weather was wet, luckely it was not pouring buckets of rain, just drops that made it ok. I choose my clohting well and it worked for me. So all I can say I am looking forward to the next one next year 25.9.2010


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