While I am still thinking about the content and will come, here are some photos . First Up shots from the Berlin Marathon 2008


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Well as I did not get a start place through the London Marathon overseas ballot and to run fo a charity is no to late, I will run the Zurich Marathon on April 26th instead. 20.9.2009 than of course Berlin Marathon again.

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Well the Berlin Marathon is passed and I finished it in 3:56:16. The weather was just to warm but looking at the ranking, I was happy as I was in the 1/3 of the finishers
update: Photos have been uploaded from the Berlin Marathon 2009

Well London here I come. Though I did not win in the ballot, but I booked a sports tour as I want to run London 2010.

That said the first runs have been booked for next year and are planned as follows:
28.03.2010 Berlin Half Marathon
25.04.2010 London Marathon (updated 28.4.2010)
August     City NachtLauf
26.09.2010 Berlin Marathon

2010/06/19 I have added scan of my old and new Berlin Marathon Finisher Certificates

2010/07/26 New photos uploaded from other runs: Misc Photos

 G`day to all out there,

this is a new idea I had all year since I started running last year again.
I wanted a team, club, group, what ever you want to call it that is still linked to Star Trek, that I still like very much even after all these years.

In the last year I ran 3 Half Marathons, a few 10 km and a Marathon.
For all applications I used the term: "Klingon Embassy Runners"

Out of that idea this is taking shape. It will be a closed area with public space too.
You will see my comments on runs, see pictures, maybe some video's too.
Anyone at the end of the day is welcome to join, after agreeing to some small print to
I have no idea how far this idea will go, but we will see. I still need to think about a few things :-)

So Welcome To The Klingon Embassy Runners Official Website ! ! !



The Zurich New Year (Silvesterlauf) run which was longer than last year, 10km, was better than I though.
The main issue I had was, that seriously hobby sport runner need to learn manners!!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially in Switzerland.
The course was new and had some down sides as it was narrow. People just kept pushing and being bossy. People are becoming more selfish each year and I just do not under stand why?! Anyone got an answer for me?

New York Marathon 2013 was a tougher race than I thought. I got a small cold flying over thanks to the Airline and on Race day the temperature dropped to around 6-7 degrees. Strong wind and not really funny. Was anot my best race, but ok you can not have it all the time and I did it in a decent time, never the less.
Also 2 new running computers are mine now: Adidas Smart Run and the new Garmin Forerunner 620.
Both promising, especially the Smart Run. More to come.

Berlin Marathon 2013 was the race of the races for me. All went from start to finish goo and I finished in a remarkable time of 03:40:37. It was a close to perfect race and hope that NYM will be close to the same in 4 weeks time.
I am looking forward to it know as I can enjoy even more now.

Zurich Airport run 2013 was quite a night mare. Nothing worked from the 1st km to the last. I was overheating, I felt sick and completly dead. Not the same from 4 weeks ago in Freiburg. Was not my day from the looks of it.
WHAT a race.. Freiburg Half  Marathon finsihed in 1:40:32 and I could hvae been a few seconds faster.. STILL I am not sad as I am very Happy with this race. This was the best race in a very long time.
2013.04.14 Pictures from Freiburg Half-Marathon


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